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HEIC to JPG converter is your go to tool for converting HEIC images into JPG/JPEG image format. You can use this tool to convert a single photo or batch convert HEIC to jpg online. Our HEIC to JPEG converter provides quick & accurate file conversion without compromising on quality.

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Features of HEIC to JPG Converter


Simple to Use

Say goodbye to complex software installations or technical expertise. Our heic converter has a user-friendly interface that allows you to convert heic to jpeg. With just a few clicks, you can unlock the power of heic image conversion.


No Sign Up

We value your time and privacy. Converting heic to jpg windows eliminates the hassle of lengthy sign-up processes. There's no need to create an account or provide personal information. Visit our website and start converting heic files to jpeg instantly.


Keep original size

Preserve the integrity of your images without compromising on quality. Our converter ensures that your JPG files maintain the original dimensions and aspect ratios, offering a seamless transition from heic to jpeg file format.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Free HEIC to JPG Converter

HEIC to JPEG is an online converter which helps you convert HEIC images to different formats like JPG/JPEG/PNG. This tool uses AI features for quick and accurate file conversion.

HEIC image format is typically not supported by Android and Windows operating system. Users of those operating systems can't open and view what's in that Image.

Our online heic to jpg converter helps users in this regard so that they can convert a single or image in bulk.

What is a HEIC file?

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Format) is a new image file format. It was created to give high-quality images taking up less space. HEIC files are smaller than older formats like JPG but still look great.

What is a JPG file?

A JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file is a commonly used image file format known for its widespread compatibility and efficient compression. It is a lossy compression format, meaning that it reduces file size by discarding some image data while attempting to retain a visually acceptable level of quality.

Difference between HEIC and JPEG




Full name

High Efficiency Image File Format

Joint Photographic Experts Group


Advanced compression, smaller file sizes

Lossy compression, larger file sizes


High quality with efficient compression

Good quality with some loss of details


Supports transparency (alpha channel)

Does not support transparency

Color Depth

Supports 16-bit and 10-bit color depth

Typically 8-bit color depth


Better support for metadata and editing

Limited metadata support


Supports animations

Still image format

Device Support

Commonly used on Apple devices

Widely supported on various devices. Such as MAC, android, etc


Limited support on non-Apple platforms

Universal compatibility

Lossless Option

Supports lossless compression

Generally lossy compression

File Extension

.heic, .heif

.jpg, .jpeg

Why convert HEIC to JPG?

A good thing about HEIC files is that it take up less space. But many operating systems doesn't support HEIC files. When you want to use or share a photo from your iPhone, HEIC may not open on them.

This is where people look for options to convert iPhone photo to jpg free. JPG files are widely supported by almost all operating systems and devices. JPG images are used for Sharing and Collaboration, Printing and Editing, Archiving and Long-term Storage etc.

Therefore, if you want to use heic images for social media or other purpose - you should convert them into jpg/jpeg file format. HEIC file to JPG converter helps you without compromising on the quality.

Why to use our tool for converting HEIC photos to JPEG?

There are a lot of online tools and mobile apps for converting heic files to jpeg. Some of these tools are free and some are paid.

But the main question is that why would you need to find our "heic to jpg converter online"? The answer is simple that all online tools are either using old mechanisms or they are not accurate. Even the paid tools and apps are not upto the mark.

Our heic to jpg bulk converter uses AI to accurately change the file format. You can turn heic to jpg and fact check its quality before using regularly.

How to find HEIC to JPG online Converter?

Our heic file to jpg converter is a few searches away as you can find it easily. You can simply find our tool from Search Engine or directly type its url in Search bar.

Type keywords like "Heic to jpg" or "Heic to jpeg" on Google, Bing or any other search engine. As our tool ranks higher, you can easily click on it to convert HEIC to JPG online.

You can type the URL address https://heictojpg.co/ in your search bar to directly open. You can bookmark this so that you don't need to type this url again.

How to use HEIC to JPG Converter online?

It is simple and easy to transform heic images into jpg format. The process is same whether you want to convert single or bulk convert heic to jpg. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open our tool for converting heic photos to jpeg.
  2. Choose or drag and drop for converting heic files to jpeg.
  3. Preview or edit before heic to jpeg conversion process start.
  4. Click on "Convert" button.

Our heic to image converter will immediately turn your images into jpg or jpeg file format. You can download those images directly on your device for using them.

Does converting HEIC to JPG reduce quality?

Absolutely not as our tool uses AI for file conversion. You can convert heic to jpeg in bulk and our tool will not compromise on quality. You will get jpg images in high quality without and delays or watermark for free.

Advantages of using HEIC file to JPG converter

Our heic to jpg converter is best tool for turning HEIC files into JPG. It offers:

1. Compatibility

The HEIC to JPG online converter offers compatibility by converting your HEIC files into JPEG format. This makes the photos viewable across various devices, operating systems and image-editing software.

It enables you to quickly convert photos from HEIF to JPG. Overall, it allows you to share images with friends, family and colleagues without worrying about file compatibility issues.

2. Versatility

The heic image converter is versatile and can be helpful in various situations, such as when you need to change image formats.

You can print stunning pictures, share them on social media, or add them to presentations. This converter helps you in instantly converting your HEIC to PNG or JPEG without hassle.

3. Accessibility

The multiple heic to jpg converter enhances accessibility, making images easily viewable and usable. When you convert HEIC files to JPG format, we guarantee that your images can be opened, shared and enjoyed by anyone.

This increased accessibility is thanks to the widespread support and compatibility of the JPG format, making it a reliable choice for sharing with everyone.

4. Storage optimization

The heic pictures to jpg converter also provides the advantage of storage optimization. It reduces the amount of storage space needed for images.

Meanwhile, HEIC files are recognized for efficiently utilizing storage space and maintains its quality. When you convert HEIC files to the JPG format, you can further optimize the storage space required for your images.

This is especially useful when saving space on your devices and when sharing images online.

5. Image editing advantage

The bulk heic to jpg converter offers the advantage of greater flexibility in editing images after conversion. This is because the JPG format is widely recognized and supported by various image editing software and applications.

When you convert HEIC files to JPG, you ensure that the images can be edited easily using a wider range of tools.

This advantage proves especially valuable if you intend to make adjustments, enhancements, or creative edits to your images using popular image editing programs.

Benefits of using our HEIC to JPEG Converter online?

HEIC to JPEG converter online benefits you with multiple features and advanced technology of converting pictures for android. Some characteristics of heic convert to jpg that benefits you are:

  1. You can mass convert heic to jpg for free.
  2. It effortlessly converts HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Format) files to JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format.
  3. It has easier user interface which makes the conversion process simple for all users.
  4. It ensures the converted JPG files maintain the original quality, preserving the visual integrity of the images.
  5. It is compatible with various operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, ensuring accessibility for all.
  6. It retains important metadata such as EXIF data during the conversion process.
  7. It ensures the privacy and security of user files with secure data handling protocols. And can convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone and Mac.
  8. It is regularly updated with new features and improvements, enhancing the functionality of the converter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best HEIC to JPG converter?

We can proudly claim that our tool is the best for converting heic photos to jpeg online. Our tool is free, fast and accurate.

Is heic to jpg safe?

We prioritize user data, safety and integrity. We do not keep user data on our servers which makes this heif to jpg conversion process fully safe.

Does Doogle Drive convert heic to jpg?

Yes, You can convert heif to jpg using Google drive but this process is outdated. Furthermore, it's a bit more time consuming. Instead using Google Drive for converting heic files to jpg, use our online tool. It is fast and accurately convert images to jpg/jpeg file format.

Can I bulk convert HEIC to JPG?

Yes, our heic to jpg bulk converter allows you convert more than one image. It is perhaps the only tool which allows users to mass convert heic to jpg for free.